Friday, September 2, 2011

Tune in Tokyo

One of the stranger requests I've had from Tokyo recently is setting up a video conference system test connection. Since we're 13 hours behind, I had to stay late to wait for Tokyo to wake up. With my boyfriend off at an office farewell party, I decided to pick up something to eat while I waited.
Nooshi was too crowded so I tried the bar at Famous Luigi's. I like Luigi's, but they're not the fastest moving restaurant staff on the block. I had to get my vongole to go to be back in the office on time. They were nicely apologetic, and added a slice of tiramisu.
Linguine con vongole.
I really like their version of vongole, nice and garlicky and the pasta was perfect.  After bumbling around and calling in my in-house tech adviser for emergency help, I finally was able to complete the connection test and learned where the "dot" button is on the Polycom remote. Thank goodness my boyfriend was down the street and able to help me out with my tech ineptness. 

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