Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery

We left work right at quitting time instead of working late into the night and made it to the Foggy Bottom farmers market. I haven't been back to Foggy Bottom that often since my office move back in December. What a difference a few months makes! It doesn't resemble the FB I remember, with the new Circa restaurant, Sweetgreen salad joint and even a Whole Foods opening soon right across from the metro station. 
I love wandering around farmers markets with vegetable stalls and the opportunity to talk to the people who harvest the vegetables or make the products for sale. One fantastic find was the small cheese stand, Spring Gap Mountain Creamery. Located in West Virginia, the man said he and his wife gave up the K Street life a few years ago and started to make cheese.
After tasting little bites, I bought the blue cheese and tomme. Spring Gap Mountain makes handmade, artisanal raw cow's milk cheese. The blue cheese was fantastic, really intense flavor and perfect along with some red wine, or paired with a cherry compote with a fresh baguette from another stand. I really enjoyed the tomme as well. 
The cheese is available at both the Georgetown and Foggy Bottom farmers markets on Wednesdays, and definitely worth a try.

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