Sunday, September 25, 2011

Italian in Old Town

After a busy week of meetings and work semianrs, we stopped in for a quick dinner at Trattoria da Franco. We've passed by this tiny restaurant many times, but this was the first time to go together. They had a man with an accordian this night, although other nights they have opera. For such a small dining room, I wonder how any conversation is possible on opera nights.
 Garlic Bread. Super buttery with a nice chew.
 Fried mozzeralla with tomato sauce and capers.
Best item of the night with a delicate crunchy coating.
 Caesar Salad.
A little different rendition, the flavor was more muted than regular versions.
 Paparadelle with mixed seafood in a tomato sauce.
Linguine with white clam sauce.
The clams were disappointing, and although the pasta was supposed to be made in-house, I couldn't see a compelling reason to order this again.
It was nice to try something different, and my boyfriend particularly enjoys Italian as well as Japanese and Korean. Maybe I should learn how to make pasta. Perhaps if we had a larger kitchen...

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