Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner

After an impromptu change in plans for my boyfriend's birthday dinner, we ended up trying out a different Korean bbq restaurant in Annandale. Oegadgib is located near the Riverside Health space, a Korean bathhouse, and one of the more popular items is the all you can eat bbq. We started off with some little panchan. 
 Boiled mandu. Delicious.
 Miso soup with dark miso, tofu and jalapenos.
 Steamed egg soup.
 AYCE meat platter.
Sliced beef, marinated beef, pork belly.  This was for two.
 Grilled on a hot stone.
 The sliced meat was better cooked well-done.
Apparently there's a bit of waste concern, so patrons are encouraged to not ask for another platter of meat if they cannot finish it. Happy birthday to a super sweet guy. Good thing we had a week ahead of vegan detox.

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