Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Pho

We had a big day planned, and set out for some steaming bowls of pho to sustain us through the IKEA shopping trip and assembly tasks ahead of us. 
 Spring rolls
These are filled with vegetables and the fried bites contrasts nicely with the pho.
 Large #1 with little bits of everything.
Small #19, pho with shrimp.
The shrimp, cilantro and onions with bean sprouts and basil was really a nice surprise.
Afterwards we headed down to IKEA to look for a new bed frame. While there, we found a comfortable desk chair for the computer. While the prices are very reasonable, the assembly of the products is no small feat. While my boyfriend was busy assembling everything, I cleaned and did laundry. Boy do I detest dusting.

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