Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brunch in Old Town

Settling more into my neighborhood, I eschewed heading up to Clarendon and instead met up with a friend for brunch in Old Town. I've gone to Overwood before with the boy, but we often have pho or dim sum, with traditional brunch never high on our to-go-to list. Choosing between Vermillion, Jackson 20 and Colombia Firehouse brunch menus, the fried green tomatoes and semi-Southern influenced menu at Jackson 20 intrigued me.
 Bloody Mary.
 Biscuit with pork sausage gravy.
Quite substantial biscuit, and a little on the sweet side. With two poached eggs on the side, a complete brunch meal.
Eggs Chesapeake.
Two poached eggs (perfectly cooked) on top of crabcakes, topped with hollandaise sauce. A strange hash brown side that was formed and molded like fruit leather. The crab could have been picked a bit better to remove the shell. A side of steamed green vegetable would have been lovely.
In all, the lunch and brunch menus at Jackson 20 are much more affordable than their dinner menu prices. They had a good mixture of breakfast and lunch items, and the decor was pretty much what you'd expect from a boutique hotel restaurant. In my tour of Old Town brunch locales, next up is Vermillion. 

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