Saturday, September 17, 2011

Afghan Restaurant

In the effort to try someplace different, we went to try the kabobs at Afghan Restaurant on Jefferson Davis Highway. We started off with some dumplings. This generated a discussion of the variety of dumplings in different cuisines around the world, from the pelmeni and pierogi, to the manti, gyoza, har gao and mandu.
Beef-filled dumplings.
Vegetable-filled dumplings in a yogurt sauce.
Both types of dumpling were very good, and I really liked the tangy yogurt sauces.
 My boyfriend tried out the combination platter with the spiced rice, white rice, carrots, beef sauce, and two kabobs.
I ordered the chicken kabob with an extra skewer of vegetables. 
The Afghan bread was a great flavor and texture, and perfect for soaking up the juices. The chicken was juicy and cooked extremely well. Possibly the best kabob I've had in quite a few years. 

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