Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fish Market vs. Anchor Bar

We debated where to go to eat Friday night. Choosing to stay closer to home, we ventured into Old Town. Walking by the window of the Anchor Bar, the room looked crowded so we chose to eat at the Fish Market instead. Sitting upstairs, the dining room was clearly winding down and the service was a little lackluster as occasionally happens after a busy night. 
 Linguine with white clam sauce.
Perhaps the one clam shell was meant as a nice decorative touch, but it just highlights that the rest of the clams are chopped.
Fisherman's Platter.
Fried shrimp, scallops and fish fillet with hush puppies, coleslaw and fries.
My boyfriend is convinced that the food is better in the Anchor Bar. The menu and atmosphere are more casual. Plus, it's loud enough to drown out the nearby neighbors. Upstairs in the Fish Market, we were subjected to an ill-informed and overly loud discussion of Japanese whaling. I also learned from the nearby table that NPR is considered a "hipster" radio station. We were also the only people of color in the room other than the wait staff. Sigh. Sometimes a little more diversity in Old Town would not be a bad thing.

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