Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carmine's with M&J

My friends are expecting their first child this fall. They've been working feverishly to prepare the baby's room and get ready for their new addition. I'm not sure if you're ever really ready, but it's a very exciting time for them and I can't wait to meet their little boy. 
Since my boyfriend and I went to Maggiano's recently, and we were looking for Italian-American, I made a reservation at Carmine's. M was concerned that the portion sizes were too large, but I was happy to bring home leftovers.  Sitting at the bar, I noticed their bar menu includes sandwiches, which are of course oversized. They look delicious, and would be perfect to share for a "lighter" lunch one day.
 Massive platter of fried calamari.
 Meat lasagna.
The lasagna is ample enough to serve 4-6 people easily. I'm not a super fan of this rendition with the large ricotta cheese layer and ground beef. The sauce is a little too salty. I like lasagnas that include more vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and onions.
 Chicken Parmesan on a bed of spaghetti.
You can order just the chicken, but I liked having the pasta along with it. The chicken parm was incredibly tender, pounded thin and breaded, and remained fairly juicy. I think I'd like to try the chicken parm hoagie after trying this :)
My boyfriend wasn't up for the Titanic or Tugboat desserts, but the tiramisu was just right to share. 
We brought the leftovers home and have been eating them over the course of Sunday. We tried the linguine with white clam sauce before, and that's another dish I enjoyed. With a clam sauce craving, I foresee making some linguine con vongole this week with the large number of canned clams we bought at Costco this weekend. 

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