Monday, July 4, 2011

Kaz Sushi Lunch Bento

Took the special intern to lunch at the nearby Japanese restaurant, Kaz Sushi, after her first week and prior to her trip to Japan.  Kaz offers a changing daily special lunch as well as a variety of lunch bentos.  Unfortunately the intern was not a very adventurous food person, which I'm not really accustomed to these days. While some of my friends have food allergies or are vegetarian, they're all very flexible and open-minded diners.  
Friday's special lunch $14.50.
 Beef teriyaki, salmon and yellowtail nigiri, salmon skin maki, rice and salad.
The downside of the restaurant is the lack of sound absorbing materials. One or two loud-talkers in the dining room and the sound level becomes near deafening, or at least not conducive to holding conversations.  The waitress was a bit surprised by the request to change a few of the side items in the bento and the intern's dislike of dashi, but very accommodating.
Hearing about a person's food preferences and watching their actions in a restaurant is quite interesting.  You can see quickly the type of personality of your dining partner, from the way their address and interact (or not) with the server to how flexible they are when faced with things they dislike.  This week has solidified my desire to conduct in-person interviews prior to selecting the intern next year.  

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