Sunday, July 10, 2011

Post-Kayak lunch at Whitlows

Saturday morning we woke up nice and early for a kayaking lesson on the Potomac.  A friend from b-school came along, which was good since the boyfriend felt under the weather and couldn't join us at the last minute.  While the Groupon I bought was a good deal, the outfit was unable to handle the spike in demand and 11 months is a long time to wait to use a Groupon.  While the two guides were nice enough, they seemed a bit overextended with 8 students and one particularly reticent older lady.  The lesson was pretty good, teaching different strokes, how to deal with the currents and turning around.  What was less enjoyable, was the long spans of time we were left waiting, clustered in calmer water near different rock formations.  I wish there was more paddling around time, and lighter kayaks to carry up and down from the parking lot.
We headed to Whitlows for Bloody Mary's and brunch afterwards.  I should have gone with my initial thought  of a salad or Eggs Florentine.  Instead I ordered a reuben with turkey and coleslaw.  I forgot that Whitlows does a better corn beef reuben with sauerkraut, and I dislike the weird fries.  Between the sun, kayaking and salt-laden sandwich, I spent the afternoon napping and wondering how much my shoulder muscles would hurt tomorrow.

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