Monday, July 4, 2011

Cork on 14th

Stopped into Cork wine bar early Friday night of a holiday weekend, and the normal lengthy wait and crowds at the bar were missing.  We were quickly seated in the elevated area in the middle, and my MBA friend and I grazed our way through the menu while catching up.  It's been an adjustment from seeing classmates 2-3 times a week to only once or twice every two months.  We graduated a year ago, and my closest classmates have been busy with filling free time with dating, engagements and wedding planning, avoiding company downsizing and searching for the post-MBA job change.
 Pan-roasted artichokes with oranges and kalamata olive paste.
 My favorite: sliced avocado topped with pistachios and pistachio oil on grilled multigrain bread.
 Oven-roasted tomatoes with chevre on grilled country bread.
Grilled steak with baby potatoes and julienned sugar snap peas.
Cork only offers Old World wines from France, Italy and Spain.  The wine menu is extensive and the staff was well-versed in the attributes of the different varietals to make suggestions based on flavor profiles we preferred.  The menu highlighted seasonal produce and the avocado was delightful.  It was enjoyable to share different plates and see the interplay with the glasses of wine we chose.  
This was the first time since May that my friend and I caught up.  She's been busy juggling an enviable social life and catching different artistic performances around DC.  With some potential travel plans on her horizon, this could be a very adventurous year for her.

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