Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Shopping and Snacks

I spent a very relaxing morning, sleeping in past 6 am for the first time all week. Oooh how I love sleeping in. With the magic of an eye mask, I was able to get some much needed shut-eye. After a good 3-4 mile run, we showered and headed out to our favorite grocery store, Super H Mart. Since we skipped breakfast outside of coffee, we stopped first at the food court.
 Seafood jambong. This was spicy and salty, with slurpable noodles. Definitely my favorite item.
My boyfriend was smarter, considering the sweltering 102F weather, and ordered chilled buckwheat noodles with cucumber, Asian pear and a boiled egg with sliced beef. Deliciously cool yet satisfying.

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