Monday, July 4, 2011

Clyde's Crabcake Sandwich

It's interesting to learn about the DC-area foods people miss after moving away.  A friend who  moved to Chicago returned on an impromptu trip this weekend.  According to her, Chicago lacks both a warm spring season and the understanding of how to make a good crabcake sandwich.  Both are understandable, due to the city's location.  After a walk around the National Gallery of Art and catching up with each other, we ventured over to Chinatown to indulge her crabcake craving.
We stopped in Clyde's in Gallery Place.  Their crabcake sandwich is always good, no matter which location you order from.  Not too much extra filler mixed in with lumps of crabmeat and pan-sauteed.  The potato roll was grilled and a nice slice of tomato with lettuce completed the sandwich.  The coleslaw was forgettable.
In place of french fries, you can opt for fruit, mixed greens salad or a Caesar salad.
My friend was speculating whether she would be happier returning to DC.  I wondered if what she missed about living here was viewed through rose-colored glasses, remembering fun times from college and post-graduation days with close friends and less stressful jobs.  Sometimes, you have to keep moving forward looking for opportunities for personal and professional growth and not look back wondering what-if.  Other times, your path in life may take a circular route.

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