Sunday, July 17, 2011

Orientation Lunches in NYC

I'm a DC girl.  I love the city, the green spaces, and the buildings shorter than the Washington Monument.  Say what you will, but there's a wonderful symmetry to the roads and government buildings, and it's quite a change of pace to head to New York.  Perhaps it's the scope of the city, with the vastness and the multitude of people, but NY is really not my scene.  I enjoy traveling there to try out different restaurants, get my fix of Japanese items from Kinokuniya, Uniqlo and Mitsuwa, and Broadway shows. This time I went for a work orientation, and enjoyed meeting the colleagues, but really missed being back home.
 Day One: selection of sandwiches and Greek salad.
 Day Two:  Cuban
Delicious chicken with carrots and potato.
 Cuban beef stew with peppers and onions.
Beef and chicken versions next to a salad of cucumber, tomato, lettuce and avocado.

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