Saturday, July 23, 2011

DC Office Lunches

I was a lazy bear this last week and didn't make my normal lunch bentos. I did manage to make a chicken and rice dish for my boyfriend to eat at the office, so I wasn't a complete waste. Despite my best intentions, I tend to the gluttony impulses and the salty, fried-bad-for-you takeout options. Here's a selection of the good and the bad lunches from the last week.
Nirvana Express two curry with rice meal. 
Chickpeas and palak paneer.
 Pret a Manger Nicoise salad. 
This is one of the lowest calorie options, and was surprisingly filling. I had initially planned to indulge in mapo tofu from Sichuan Express, but had a change of heart and went with a little healthier and lower calorie option.
 New Potbelly Turkey and Cheese Sandwich.
They make skinny sandwiches now, with less bread and lighter quantities of meat.  
I finally caved and went to Sichuan Express.
I love love love their mapo tofu. It's super spicy and delicious. Their buffet also has a variety of other pitfalls, such as the crispy fried chicken (there must be cornstarch in the batter to make such a lovely crunchy crust), seafood and vegetables and chicken with broccoli.

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