Monday, May 30, 2011

Return to Kushi

We were in the area for a farewell gathering.  After networking for a few hours, we headed over for dinner at Kushi.  Walk-ins were placed at the u-shaped bar surrounding the robata grills.  A nice touch is the delivery of oshibori (wet towels) with glasses of water. 
 Gratis Amuse Bouche.  Sliver of salmon on coleslaw. 
Deepfried Liver.
 Kawa, chicken skin, yakitori, and deepfried chicken wing kushiage.
 Chicken thigh and chicken breast yakitori.  My boyfried prefers "shio" or salt instead of "tare" or sauce with his yakitori.
 This is a selection of three maki.  The tuna and avocado roll had rice that was bizarrely overcooked.  It was mushy.  The best of the selection was the ume-shiso maki, a roll of salted plum and shiso leaves.  The hamachi-scallion maki was not fresh, according to my boyfriend.  In reality, any sushi after my birthday dinner at Sushi Taro was going to be a disappointment.  This was more than a disappointment.
Kobe-style beef and pork belly skewers. 
We had gone to Kushi when it first opened last year, and enjoyed the atmosphere.  However, as a Japanese person, the overpriced menu items and disappointing sushi were an affront to my boyfriend.  True izakayas have a jovial and lively atmosphere, but they're traditionally small in size, and more of a drinking establishment with small snacks.  I appreciate the variety of sake and shochu by the glass or bottle, but these items have a serious markup.  I'll have to try out the ramen lunch specials at Sushi Taro and Kaz Sushi Bistro, but I won't be heading out in the area for sushi again for quite a while.

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