Monday, May 30, 2011

Il Porto in Old Town Alexandria

Il Porto's in Old Town Alexandria is an interesting Italian spot.  My boyfriend has been here before, but it was my first time, so we tried it together on Friday night.  It's the kind of old school Italian joint that includes a story on the back of the menu.  Apparently the building has a very colorful past, including serving as location of a "boarding" house, and home for former Nazis.
 We started off with some calamari with a robust tomato sauce.
 Next was a lovely and flavorful garlic and portabello mushroom starter.
 My boyfriend tried the sausage and spaghetti.
I ordered the Linguine Cardinale, a white wine clam sauce with shrimp. 
The only downside was the extremely auditorally ignorant group of bikers who sat nearby.  Amusingly, it was the smallest of the bikers who had the loudest voice.  Despite other nearby tables turning to look at the noisemakers, the conversational volume never diminished.

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