Monday, May 9, 2011

Greek Deli Lunch

If you work in the Golden Triangle area near Farragut West, Farragut North and south Dupont, chances are you've walked by a mysterious line snaking out from a doorway next to Nooshi on 19th Street.  The Greek Deli is a carryout only breakfast and lunch establishment run by Kostas Fostieris.  While the line is daunting when it snakes out the door and down the sidewalk, it moves fairly quickly.  I've tried the spanakopita and a stuffed chicken breast platter, but my go-to order is the gyro sandwich.  Today my boyfriend headed over to pick up lunch.  Since he's awesome, he took some photos for me :)
 Waiting in line.
 Lunch specials.
Meatball Platter with orzo, green beans, salad and fresh bread.
Usually the Greek meatballs are soaked in a lemon-butter-dill sauce, not a red sauce.  I'm not sure what my boyfriend got, but it wasn't the special lemon butter meatballs and he probably should have ordered the lamb.  For him to say it was a lot of food and he didn't finish it, is proof that portions are massive.  If you were strategic, you could make this into two meals.

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