Wednesday, May 18, 2011

El Pollo Ranchero

We've been investigating food options around our new place.  Further down Richmond Highway are the usual chain restaurant suspects.  There's also a Krispy Kreme store whose neon glow speaks sweet sweet nothings to my boyfriend.  Feeling unmotivated to cook something on a Friday night, we headed out to a long-time favorite of my boyfriends, El Pollo Ranchero
Pupusas ($1.50 each) 
Cheese and Pulled Pork.  Since they had a constant stream of take-out customers, we were told our chicken would take 30-40 minutes.  We had cold beers and chips with salsa, plus pupusas to keep us happy.
1/2 chicken with salad and rice.
While I had ordered black beans and fries, and the boyfriend asked for rice and salad with a side of fries, we were both brought matching plates.  Maybe our server was trying to save us from ourselves?  Nice flavor on the chicken, forgettable fries.  Great spicy green sauce.  We packed up half the chicken each, so this was not as gluttinous as our normal Friday dinners out.  Reminded me of Brook's chicken from my childhood in upstate New York.  There's something magical about the marinade and the charcoal flavor. 

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