Monday, May 9, 2011

El Paso Restaurant

We tried a new Mexican place the other night.  My boyfriend said it used to be in a different location and the name was changed to El Paso after the move.
 Fajitas Tejana ($14.99)
Large amount of chicken, steak and shrimp with onions and green peppers.  The tortillas arrive wrapped in tin foil, which was a little odd.
Tipico Mexicano ($11.99)
Chicken enchillada, carne asada, two chicken flautas with rice and beans.  A bit salty, nothing outstanding.
It's an odd little place that closes at 10 pm on a Friday.  It's proximity to Ft. Belvoir and cheap lunch specials makes me think it does more business during the day.  Our server was nice and attentive, and probably the highlight.  The free chips were nothing special but the salsa was pretty good. 

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