Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super H Mart Food Court

We were faced with a dilemma yesterday: embrace gluttony at the nearby buffet and the ensuing food coma, or be responsible and go grocery shopping for the week's meals at Super H.  Despite the enticing fried chicken aroma, I resisted temptation and we set out with our reusable shopping bags to Super H.  Happily, the Korean supermarket also has a food court for an affordable and authentic Korean meal.
 Dolsot Bibimbap.
Bibimbap's a highly adaptable recipe of rice topped with a variety of seasoned vegetables and fried egg, with kochujang sauce on the side to mix in according to your spice and flavor preference.  Food court version:  Zucchini, fern shoots, bean sprouts and carrots, topped with an over easy fried egg. 
 Seolleongtang (oxtail soup) served with radish kimchee and rice. 
The milky broth is achieved by simmering the oxtails for hours. The soup is seasoned by the individual with pepper, red pepper, garlic or scallions.  Rich in collagen, this soup was very popular with Japanese ladies a few years ago to help keep them looking young and healthy.
Kimchee and seafood jjamppong.
Fiery noodle soup with mixed seafood and vegetables.  This dish is actually a Korean Chinese dish, which melds a northern Chinese influence with Korean ingredients. This dish is traditionally served with the yellow daikon pickles. 
Three dishes for $24 is a steal.  The food court has free barley tea, water and miso soup.  You can eat at the tables nearby, or have the dishes packed up for takeout.  If you're planning to frequent Super H for grocery shopping, definitely visit their customer service desk and sign up for a Super H Mart card.  We traded in our old card for their new system, and they gave us an option of different gifts to reward our amassed 2000+ points.  Free 6-pack of toilet paper for buying groceries we needed anyways?  Awesome.

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