Friday, May 13, 2011

All Topsy-Turvy

It's the end of an era.  The initial elation has worn off, and now I've got my head down and trudging through the last few miles before I start a new adventure.  I finally achieved my post-MBA step-up, and will leave the magical position that appeared so fortuitously when I returned from working in Japan.  I'm truly thankful to have so much support; especially my boyfriend, he's my biggest cheerleader, and Big J who gave me the motivational pep talk I needed before my final interview.  I'm doing my best to find a person who will see what a growth opportunity this job is and take good care of my kind Japanese coworkers.  Wish me luck!
After receiving the verbal offer, my boyfriend and I went out to celebrate.  We headed over to a favorite, Sichuan Pavilion.
 Pork Dumplings in Sichuan Sauce ($3.95)
 Small Fish with Peanuts ($6.95).
Salty and spicy, really nice with a cold beer.
 Mabo Tofu ($9.95)
Soft, silky tofu in a spicy sauce.  Nice and saucy with just the right amount of heat.
 Steamed Pork in spicy red sauce ($12.95)
Very fiery hot, and the pork had a soft texture due to the cooking process.
Eight Treasure Noodle Soup ($9.95)
Weakest dish of the bunch.  Spicy broth with chicken, pork, shrimp and vegetables with egg noodles.  We should have ordered a vegetable dish instead.

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