Sunday, May 1, 2011

Momo Is A No-No

We're still searching for a good neighbor Japanese place.  We tried out Momo in Alexandria after seeing some positive Yelp reviews.  Just another letdown by the misplaced power of anonymous reviewers. Granted, my boyfriend is Japanese, so his standards are higher than the average washoku afficiando.
 Takosu ($6)
Octopus, cucumber, kaiwara and seaweed. Considering it was only 3 pieces of octopus, overpriced.
 Steamed Shrimp Shumai ($4.50)
Considering you can buy a package of frozen shumai that tastes the same at Super H at this price, it was an inflated price for 4 bites. 
 Tuna carpaccio ($9)
Maybe I was naive to think this would be nice slices of raw tuna with a ponzu dipping sauce.  This was not that understated.  Seared tuna slices covered in wasabi mayonnaise sauce and mysterious brown sauce akin to Bulldog sauce, it was a good example of why sometimes less is more.
 Chirashi ($19)
This bothered my boyfriend beyond words.  The rice was covered with furikake, which is fine, but not appropriate for chirashi.  The pieces of fish were cut too thickly.  The biggest offenders were rakkyo (pickled onions served with Japanese curry) and the fake crab.
 Sushi Deluxe ($17)
California roll with 8 pieces of nigiri.  For sushi, I'm looking for nicely seasoned rice and fresh fish.  This was pretty decent, although the fish was cut a little too large.  True Japanese sushi is bite-sized.
Udon soup ($10)
Fishcake, clear broth, udon noodles, tenkatsu (tempura bits), baby spinach.
On a positive note, our servers were nice and fairly attentive.  My boyfriend was disappointed with the dishes, so our search for a good Japanese neighborhood place continues.

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