Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Healthy Dinner

We asked the nice men at Super H's fish counter to clean and fillet a whole fish for us.  After picking out one and weighing it, he went off to a counter to rapidly debone and fillet the fish.  For a few cents more, this seems like a good deal. 
 Sauteed rainbow chard with garlic and lemon with pan-seared fluke fillets topped with a cilantro-mint-garlic-jalapeno sauce.
Pasta with corn and zucchini topped with gruyere cheese.
Rainbow chard tastes similar to spinach when sauteed.  The stems should be treated like asparagus.  Full of Vitamins K, A, E and C; fiber, iron, potassium and manganese, chard varieties are a great addition to our meals.  Fluke is also known as summer flounder and is a pretty delicate white flaky fish.  A key to this meal is portion size.  I plate the fish and chard on a salad plate, giving the illusion of a large amount of food. 

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