Monday, May 23, 2011

Full Kee Friday

It was the end of a busy week.  After a rollercoaster of emotions from debating car repairs or buying a new car, we were given a year's reprieve when my boyfriend's car passed inspection. Now we'll have more time to fully research different car options and make a better decision for our lifestyle, which is a huge relief.  We were driving home from work when we decided to have dinner at a different place, Full Kee Restaurant in Falls Church. 
 Even though the temperatures outside were pretty warm, we ordered two soups because they looked delicious.  Crab and asparagus soup for two ($14.95)
 Congee with preserved egg and roast pork ($6.25)
My boyfriend loves congee, and he's disappointed when the dim sum restaurants in NoVA and MD do not offer any.  It had a very nice flavor and was a very comforting food.
 Panfried pork dumplings ($3.50)
Good flavor and the dumpling wrappers had a nice chew.
 Spicy fried head-on shrimp ($14.95).
I always think that I'll like this dish more than I actually do.
Half Roast Duck ($16.95)
Served very differently than at PGI, this was chunks of duck with bones.  Great flavor but a bit fatty.
It was nice to see large Asian families gathered at the restaurant sharing a meal together.  We ordered a lot of food, and should have included a vegetable dish instead of the shrimp.  Using prudence, we had the leftovers packed up for breakfast where I included a dish of Korean squash.  The decor is nice and bright, and the space felt less cramped than Peking Gourmet Inn.  Full Kee is a Cantonese place at heart and I would skip the Hunan specials or regular Chinese-American dishes and venture towards the duck or any of the seafood specials.

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