Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey Pig Centerville

Saturday was sunny, beautiful and way too nice to stay indoors.  After a relaxing morning we mustered enough motivation to head out to Burke Lake park for a run.  Fairfax resident enter the park for free.  Non-Fairfax vehicles are charged $10 for entry.  We ran a circuit around the lake together, and then a second lap separately for a total of about 9 miles.  My erratic "interval training" pace was messing with my boyfriend's running zen. ;) Late afternoon the trail was rife with families and small children brandishing tree limbs, adding an element of danger.  It's really a beautiful spot, and I now understand why a friend loves running there Sunday mornings.
Afterwards, we drove through Clifton towards Centerville to one of our favorite post-workout activities:  Spa World.  I purchased two groupons back in March for reduced admission and we spent two blissful hours washing off the grime from the trail and relaxing sore muscles in the Bade pool, hot baths, cold bath and sauna/steam rooms.  Spa World was bustling with families and couples.  With a post-Spa World glow, we walked around the shopping center to the new Honey Pig.
The third Honey Pig outpost is located at 13818-B Braddock Rd., Centreville, VA 20121.  Opened in April, the service tended to be a little nicer than our last few visits to the Annandale HP and they sent out a few "service" or free items. 
 The ban chan are still lack luster compared to Vit Goel.
 Steam eggs dish.  Very fluffy.  This and a bowl of spicy miso soup were brought over as "service".
 Jumuluk (marinated shortribs) and Bulgogi (marinated beef) with grilled kimchee and bean sprouts (service).  The lady tending our grill saw my boyfriend put jalapeno slices and garlic on the grill, and she thoughfully brought over another small dish to add to the grill. 
The Bulgogi tasted like sukiyaki according to my bf.  Would have been delicious with a bowl of rice.  A bottle of Jinro soju and two Cass beers rounded out our dinner. 
I like that this location does not allow patrons to smoke cigarettes at the table.  It felt like more of a family establishment than the Annandale location.  We wondered how busy both Spa World and Honey Pig were during the week, since both are open 24/7.  One downside, the order of mandu never appeared.  Perhaps our waitress was saving us from gluttinous over-indulgence.

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