Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cooking at Home

It's been a marathon sprint in the first week of my new job.  My orientation lasts two weeks with my predecessor to learn the ins and outs of the office.  I love seeing the challenges as they unfold in front of me, and enjoy how the minutes and hours of the day fly by with a quiet whir. I have some big shoes to fill, and believe I'm up to the task.
I'm fortunate to have a supportive boyfriend who cheers me on as I struggle with my new assignments.  He calls me his little chef, and it's a pleasure to try and cook for him.  We've put on a bit of weight together, which he calls "happy relationship weight", but I'm working to create some healthy meals for us.
I learned this back in my childhood.  
Fresh tomatoes with basil and olive oil tossed with capellini pasta with a side of grilled chicken.  Key is nicely ripe tomatoes, so this is definitely not appropriate for winter meals.  Vine-ripened tomatoes are preferred, along with fresh basil.  One day I'll make my own pasta too, and we'll see if that elevates this dish.

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