Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sichuan Pavilion

We work one block away from each other and try to ride the metro together as much as possible.  Friday night as we wrapped up at work, we met up outside the metro and my stomach grumbled.  There was no way I'd last the 45 minute commute home, so I let him know and we headed over to dinner around the corner at Sichuan.  Try as we might, it will never be as inexpensive a meal as when we hit up the Korean restaurants.
 Fried Rice.
 Sauteed spinach and garlic.
Sichuan Stewed Beef.
The beef was nice and spicy, so we chose two other entrees to counteract the heat.  The meal began with dumplings in Sichuan sauce, peanuts with salted fish and hot and sour soup.  Delicious and fiery with some cooling Tsing Tao beers to wash it all down.

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