Saturday, June 11, 2011

Late Night at Honeypig

After a long day of work, we needed to find something tasty for my boyfriend to eat.  We ventured back to Honeypig in Annandale.  Luckily we missed the dinnertime rush and beat the club kids in need of something to soak up the night's drinks.
While we usually have an order of soon dubu, the hot weather called for a cooling dish.  I suggested the buckwheat noodles in a cold dashi with slices of Asian pear, beef, cucumber, radish and a boiled egg.  You can add some vinegar or adjust the flavor, but I thought it was great as is.
 Hamul Pajeon
The seafood assortment was a little lacking and this was a little greasier than I like.
Kalbi with onions and jalapeno.
Next time my boyfriend wants to try the boneless pork that is grilled over open flame on a different type of grill and the boiled dumplings. 

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