Saturday, June 18, 2011

Experimenting with Crustaceans

Super H Mart has a full-service fish counter.  We started off with having whole fish filleted and cleaned, really enjoy the salmon fillets, and our latest challenge was lobsters.  The nice man behind the counter scooped out two crustaceans and we were on our way. The big conundrum was how to compassionately cook these squirmy guys.
 Post-boil and cold water bath.
 I decided to make lobster three ways, using all parts of the meat and shells.  
Chilled lobster salad with tomato, corn, jalapeno and lime.
 Seafood pasta with lobster, shrimp, spinach, tomato and cream cheese.
Lobster soup with scallions.
The broth was made by simmering the lobster shells with miso and the lobster tamale.
The lobster salad with corn was very light, refreshing and my favorite.  It was nice to try all three together to see how the flavor and texture changed with the cooking styles.  

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