Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville, MD

We ventured up to Rockville to try a different Sichuan restaurant that had pretty good reviews.  This Sichuan Pavilion is not related to our normal joint located on K Street.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, the restaurant was ridiculously hot inside and air conditioning appeared to be nonexistent.  I had a feeling this was not a new situation, since there were oscillating fans strategically placed around the restaurant.  We decided to ganbare and try out the spicy food anyways.
 Dan Dan Mein 
This was an appetizer portion, which was perfect for us to share.  You mix the spicy chili oil on the bottom with the noodles and beef.
 Spicy Wontons
These pork wontons are another favorite item we wanted to compare.
 Make sure you mix the spicy chili oil with the wontons.
 Sauteed Spinach
Mabo Tofu with Beef.
This version was spicy and delicious.  
In all, the food was really good and had the right level of spice.  The service was a little haphazard, but we were expecting that since the yelp reviews had indicated this.  What we had not imagined was that the restaurant was going to be so hot inside.  For once, while the sweat was dripping down my boyfriend's face, I felt like I was dripping as well.  If we lived closer, we would probably do takeout.  So the search for good Sichuan in VA continues.

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