Friday, April 8, 2011

Matchbox Chinatown

After volunteering at the bake sale, my origami partner in crime and I headed out for a late lunch.  While folding paper cranes for hours, we had plenty of time to debate where to go.  A few DC restaurants on my radar to try include Masala Art, Hill Country BBQ and the Cajun Experience. Since the boyfrined and I had plans to see Ira Glass later, crawfish and beer would have to wait for another day. As my stomach began to grumble, I suggested something closer.  Then inspiration came with the mention of a spicy bloody mary.  We headed a stone's throw away from Busboy's and Poets to Matchbox.  
Small Simple Salad ($6)
mixed greens / pear tomatoes / red onions / dried cherries /
pecorino romano / parmesan crisp / balsamic vinaigrette
Large Fire and Smoke Pizza ($19)
fire roasted red peppers / spanish onions / chipotle pepper
tomato sauce / garlic puree / smoked gouda / fresh basil
We waited about 20 minutes for a table.  One man walking out as we heard the wait time stopped to say, "it's worth the wait".  Perhaps, but this was not our first time at the rodeo.  I recall days of 3 hour-long waits for a table at Matchbox and there's no way it's worth that.  The menu's interesting and has a lot of variety, but the prices are on the high side.  The pizza is thin-crust with a nice char and chew, but is in the fancy-gourmet vein.  The platters of sliders looked good, but hasn't the slider fad lost its allure yet?  If you're in the Chinatown area and can grab a table without a long wait, it's a good pre- or post-Verizon center meal to share with friends.  I like meals where you share different dishes.  Although looking around us, other tables were ordering individual pizzas and not sharing, which seemed sad. 

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