Monday, April 25, 2011

Honey Pig: Japanese versus Korean BBQ

Thursday was my Friday last week (yay for randomly observing American holidays!) and after subjecting my boyfriend to Easter grocery shopping the carless way*, we regrouped and headed to Annandale.
Seafood pancake (hamul pajeon).  I like the version at Lighthouse better.
Panfried meat dumplings (Mandu).
These are ok, but I like pleated dumplings better.
Spicy pork belly with grilled kimchee.
We haven't had this in ages.  Usually I have a bowl of soon doubu but was feeling like ordering something different.  This threw a wrench into my boyfriend's beef consumption plans.  While Korean bbq includes a variety of meats, including pork, Japanese bbq is different.  The pieces of meat are already cut, and the items tend to heavily favor beef.  It may be time to head to Bethesda and Satsuma.

*I am used to picking up groceries and hauling them back home via walking, metro, bus or taxi.  Sometimes I forget that I have access to a car and driver now and do not need to lug heavy bags of groceries on the metro.  My poor boyfriend carried the heavy bags thinking "this is the dumbest idea", and he was right.

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