Friday, April 15, 2011

Lighthouse Tofu Restaurant

My boyfriend knows allergies have left me a lethargic zombie lately.  He is supportive of my food-related whims, whether it means cooking at home or heading out somewhere.  Last night we decided to indulge a soon doobu craving at Lighthouse Tofu (Vit Goel) in Annandale.  It's a small restaurant, and their menu is not as extensive as other Korean places in Annandale.  There are items like seafood noodles and bulgogi, but we always gravitate towards the bubbling stone bowls of soon doobu.  I like how they offer so many varieties as well as a customizable spice level. 
I think I like Cass the best of the Korean beers. 
It's very light and goes well with bbq or spicy dishes.  I'm not sure what "Sound of Vitality" means. Maybe's it's branding along the lines of Asahi's KARAKUCHI "Super Dry" to indicate crisp and dry taste that doesn't interfere with the taste of the food (their words, not mine.)
 I like the panchan here.
They have water kimchee, kimchee with oysters, seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned cucumbers, and a marinated item that escapes my mind. 
 We ordered pan-fried mandu and a small seafood pancake (hamul pajeon). 
Usually the pajeon is teeming with seafood and nicely crisp. This time it was a little soggy in places with more scallions than usual.  Still good and satisfying Korean comfort food.
Bubbling soon doobu.
The options for soon doobu (soft tofu stew) include mushroom; combination #1 clam, oyster, shrimp, beef; combination #2 clam, shrimp, oyster; oyster; kimchi beef; beef; beef and pork; and vegetable.   The mushroom version is fantastic.  My boyfriend prefers the combination #1 with clam, oyster, shrimp (with head on) and beef.  We've learned that spicy level is good, and spicy-spicy will leave him sweating rivers.  They also serve barley tea and rice out of a hot stone that is filled with the barley tea.  You can scoop some out at the end of the meal, and my boyfriend says it resembles ochazuke.  I am always overstuffed by the end and have yet to try some.

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