Friday, April 29, 2011

International Square Food Court: Sichuan Express

Walking back to my office from a conference at the World Bank, I decided to try something new for lunch.  I stopped in the International Square food court at Farragut West to try the mapo tofu noodles that my boyfriend loves.  Sichuan Express is owned by the same people who run Sichuan Pavilion on K Street.  The menu is not as extensive, but the dishes tend to be spicier than your average Chinese food court joint.
You can order special items from the menu or grab a plate and select from the buffet. 
 Their special noodle soups are listed on the wall next to the cash registers.  You can order the soups for takeout or to eat at one of the tables.
 Egg noodles on the bottom with broth, topped with spicy mapo tofu.  The serving size is pretty large.  I should have only eaten half, but I lack that kind of self-discipline.
Cubes of tofu, Szechuan peppers add a ma-la twist of slightly sour and spicy.  Enjoyable but a little oily.
Apparently I was not supposed to take photos of Sichuan's counter, and was told to stop by some random man in a suit.  I should have asked why, but I was too obedient and put away my phone.  Unless there's a sign indicating no cameras, I feel like I should be able to take a photo of the sign.

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