Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dixie Bones BBQ in Woodbridge, VA

We had a doozy of a Saturday night, with an unexpected bar crawl through H Street NE.  Granville Moores wasn't working for his friends, so we looked around for someplace else.  Rock and Roll Hotel was a crush of bodies bouncing around to nostalgic and current dance hits.  We left to find someplace quieter to talk, and Biergarten Haus fit the bill with a relaxed atmosphere a good beer menu.  Recovering from our late night out, we spent part of the day watching movies.  We finally ventured forth from our apartment to try a new place.  My boyfriend had bbq on the mind after talking with his friends about Hill Country BBQ.  Preferring to stay in VA, we went to a local bbq place he had heard good things about in Woodbridge, VA called Dixie Bones
We decided to go with the combo 3 meat platters with 2 sides for $21.40 so we could try the largest variety of choices from the menu.  I cannot remember the last time I had good bbq.  I'm a Northerner, so all I'm really looking for is a good smoke flavor and tender meat.  My boyfriends from the South, so he's more knowledgeable about the merits of good bbq.  He's been quietly craving barbecued sausage, and finally he was able to satisfy that craving.  After a relatively short Sunday afternoon drive, we reached Woodbridge and began to see signs for Dixie Bones.
 1/2 chicken, pork ribs, sausage with pinto beans and rice and potato salad.
"The chicken was really good," according to my boyfriend.  He liked how the meat "fell off the bone".
 Fried catfish, ribs, pulled chicken with macaroni and cheese and collard greens.
Our waitress recommended the fish, and it was an excellent recommendation.  The "pulled" chicken was really just diced breast meat, which I wouldn't choose again.  The ribs were well-done, both smokey-flavored and tender.  The mac and cheese were great, and the collard greens had a nice vinegar bite.
Dixie Bones has four sauces on the table for experimentation. 
I preferred the traditional tomato bbq sauce for its familiar and slightly spicy taste.  I saw a giant stuffed potato pass by, topped with pulled pork, and it looked delicious.  The pinto beans and rice are good, but need an added kick from the hot sauce.  Dixie Bones also has a two-tiered pricing system for cash and credit card payments. They're very upfront about their reasons for the different pricing, and considering how much the credit card systems gouge small business owners, I cannot blame them.  DB is decidedly better tasting to me than Rocklands, Red Hot & Blue, Famous Dave's and Old Glory. 

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