Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear BGR, It's Not You, It's Me.

I am not invincible.  Felled by food poisoning over the weekend, I've had to curtail my intake of solids and rest.  Considering I ate out at a variety of places between Friday and the onslaught of symptoms I'd rather not remember, it's too difficult and unnecessary to trace the offending items.  All I know is my digestive system had declared war. 
After a few days of liquids, soup and fruit, I got restless.  I managed to consume a banana and applesauce without dire consequences, so I barreled into lunchtime yesterday with one thought:  time for comfort food.  I met my former roommate for an overdue catchup and went to BGR in Dupont Circle to test the waters. 
 Veggie Burger with Pepperjack Cheese ($7.99+0.99) with side of onion rings ($4.49). 
BGR has a lobster burger and a tuna burger, which I probably would have tried if I wasn't a little gun-shy.  While I appreciate BGR's effort to make their own veggie patty, this was a convoluted mess of oats, black beans and molasses trying to be a burger.  It was too sweet and I wouldn't do that to myself again.   The touted "fresh toasted brioche bun", fell apart into a mess quickly and was a tad on the going-stale-side. Now the onion rings...these were beer-battered thick-cut Vidalia onion rings of golden, crunchy delight.  Overpriced, but delicious.
My former roommate ordered the Cuban ($8.99).
Burger cooked to order topped with a slice of Serrano ham, roasted pork, sweet pickles, Swiss Cheese and mustard, this greasy, gooey concoction was definitely more satisfying.
The space is small and tables are first-come, first-serve.  I hate seat-pouncing.  Fortunately one emptied after a brief, awkward wait near the crazily modern beverage dispenser.  The staff does not circulate enough to wipe down the tables or tidy up.  The burgers are cooked to order and you're given a buzzer to signal when to come pick up your meal.  If they're aiming for fast casual, it's definitely casual but no where near fast, and quite pricey.  In an area inundated with burger options, there are better ones up the street and across the river. 

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