Sunday, August 19, 2012

Los Tios brunch

We headed out Saturday morning to Old Town so the husband could get a haircut and I could go window shopping. After shopping, we debated between brunch, tacos and Italian for lunch. Since we had to go shopping out in Tyson's Corner, we ended up headed up to Del Ray. Taqueria Poblano was crowded, so we went to Los Tios instead. We've never gone to Los Tios for brunch before, but they have a variety of egg dishes.
  Chorizo con Huevos 
Chorizo sausage and two sunny side up eggs on a bed of vegetables with potatoes and rice.
Tipico Rancheros 
Tortillas topped with beans, ranchero sauce, two fried eggs, chorizo, fried plaintains, rice and potatoes.

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