Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faccia Luna Old Town

One of the closer restaurants, other than our pho joint, that I quite like is Faccia Luna. I've never tried any of the sandwiches, only a small selection of the pizzas, and only a few of the pastas since most of the pastas have a heavier cream sauce or stuffed with cheese. What I have tried, I've enjoyed. 
 Antipasto plate
Proscuitto, salami, arugula, mozzarella caprese, grilled bread, parmigiano reggiano, kalamata olives and white beans with basil.
 house salad
 Capellini with tomato sauce and grilled spicy sausage
Sausage, mushroom, onion and roasted red pepper pizza.
It took willpower, but I managed to only eat two slices of pizza. I did eat leftover pizza for breakfast for the next two days. Good thing I've started working out at the gym before work while the husband is knocking out his Insanity workouts.

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