Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chasin' Tails Redux

After a long Saturday full of running around taking care of different errands, workouts and appointments, we met up at home and debated where to go for dinner. We rarely are craving the same thing at the same time, so it was a miracle when we both said crawfish. High five!
Dozen oysters
1 pound of steamed mussels in a garlic butter sauce. 
This was quite good, although I did not pay enough attention to the hot liquid in the bag and poured a good amount over my lap. Ouch!
We finished off our seafood gluttony with 2 pounds of crawfish with hot whole shebang sauce for him, and I ordered one pound of crawfish hot cajun sauce. I did not get hot cajun, but a mild kind of bland and liquidy mixture. The whole shebang sauce was so much more flavorful I kept dipping the peeled tails in his bag of sauce. 
We'll have to come back and try out the special seafood combo with crawfish, mussels, snowcrab legs, corn and sausage.

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