Friday, August 3, 2012

Japanese Homecooking

We had a friend over for dinner. Since she was craving some Japanese food, I decided to try my hand at a variety of items I thought would be healthy or natsukashii. I also made some pork gyoza with the help of my friend. It's definitely better to have two people filling, pleating and sealing the gyoza rather than one.
Seasoned some cooked Japanese rice with a mix of mirin-sugar-salt. Using some of the pickled ume we brought back from Japan (my husband's grandmother and aunt made them and they're fantastic), cucumber and shiso furikake, we customized some maki and rolled them. They turned out a bit on the large size, but the flavor was right.
Bento Boxes make nice containers for serving food for a party.
(Clockwise from top left): Sunonomu, karaage, hijiki, radish quick pickles, broccoli with gomae.
The husband helped by buying some gorgeous flowers and doing an excellent job frying the chicken.

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