Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harris Crab House on Kent Island, MD

We took the day off from work to catch up with some relatives who were staying for the week on the Eastern Shore. We haven't seen them since the baby was one, and he's almost 3 now. (I know, very bad aunt.) We met up at Matapeake National Park to go to the beach. It's not the cleanest beach by a long shot, and there are only port-a-potties. It was great to see them all, although being stung by a small jellyfish was not the highlight of the day for me. Just proves I'm ridiculously accident-prone. On the way home, we stopped off on Kent Island for some crabs.
Up the stairs you can see the marker where the Hurricane Isabel flood waters hit.
Sign near the handicap entrance.
Harris Crab House behind the boat. We sat up on the top floor on the deck.
Crispy, lovely onion rings
1 pound of mussels in garlic butter.
snow crab legs for the husband
1/2 a dozen steamed crabs for me.
Clearly I took a lot longer to eat my crabs than he did. By the time he was finished, I had barely made a dent in 1.5 crabs. Since it was a long day out in the hot sun at the beach and then letter-boxing, we took the remaining 4 crabs home to pick the meat and make a crab meat and corn pasta for our lunches the next day.

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