Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lighthouse Tofu has point cards!!

We had dinner with a friend at Lighthouse Tofu restaurant in Annandale. It's best to go there after the dinner rush from 6-8 pm. We arrived to a more relaxed atmosphere and were able to eat at a nice, leisurely pace and have a good chat.
Large haImul pajeon 
I think Lighthouse has one of the best versions of the Korean restaurants we frequent. It's never super super greasy, and there's a good scallion and seafood to batter ratio. Plus, it's great for sharing.
We like to crack a raw egg into the boiling hot soondubu when it arrives at the table.
Nice selection of panchan, so much better than over at Honey Pig.
Breaking with my traditional order of spicy mushroom soondubu, I tried the tofu bibimbap. They serve the rice on the side, and for me, there was enough various ingredients it did not need it.
When you mix it all up, there's zucchini, bean sprouts, carrot, cabbage, corn, fried touf and bulgogi meat with a fried egg and seaweed. Add in a shot of kochujang sauce, and this is a winner.
While we were leisurely finishing up, our waitress wandered over and asked if we'd like a point card. Having lived in Japan, I have an ingrained affinity for point cards at restaurants and stores. My wallet used to be stuffed full of them. Since we go to Lighthouse pretty regularly, of course I said yes. 

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