Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amusing Super H Mart Snacks

During our weekly grocery store trip to Super H Mart in Fairfax we always end up the snacks and candy aisle. I think it may be my husband's favorite aisle. Since he's dieting and exercising more, we haven't picked up anything naughty, but we still window shop. Some of the names of the snacks make me chuckle, so I had to share. Here's the best of the worst:
 Kook Hee cookie
 OhYes...Oh No...
These look like fingers.
 Freakish face on the O!Karto! bag.
 Ahhh...who wants a snack in the shape and flavor of a chicken drumstick? Not it.
Kancho...aka the worst thing a foreign teacher in Japan could experience in an elementary school.

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