Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boqueria in DC

In the old Penang spot, Boqueria, a NYC tapas restaurant offshoot opened up this spring on M and 19th Street NW. They did a wonderful renovation, with the decor and atmosphere much lighter and brighter than the former Malaysian restaurant. The brightness made is seem a lot more open and brighter.
 Charcuterie and sangria bar in the middle.
 Cojonuda ($4)
Fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast. A little difficult to eat gracefully but nice.
 Patatas Bravas ($8)
I love potatoes of any sort and needed to see how these stood up to the version at Jaleo. Good, with roasted aoili all over the potatoes and spicy salsa brava.
 Bombas de la Barceloneta ($9)
Beef and potato croquetts with salsa brava and aoili sauce. Perfectly fried.
 Pan con Tomate ($5)
Grilled bread rubbed with garlic and tomato. Perfect composition, would recommend.
 Tortilla Espanola ($6)
Potato, onion and egg traditional Spanish omelet. I loved it, although the rest were less enthusiastic.
 Salteado de Setas ($9)
Wild mushrooms with manchego cheese and thyme. Very earthy.
Bunuelos de Bacaloa ($9)
Salt cod and potato fritters. These were light and fluffy with the requisite salty cod flavor.
Perhaps we ordered a few too many potato-dishes, and probably should have ordered one fewer dishes. Great place to join friends and share some tapas with wine or sangria. The staff was knowledgeable and unobtrusive, although I bet at non-lunch times they push alcohol sales more. Definitely more expensive per dish than Jaleo, and the lunch menu is quite limited, but the execution was solid on all of our choices.

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