Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alesund to Bergen cruise on MS Trollfjord

We went on a day fjord cruise to Geiranger which was beautiful, but slightly marred by a run-in with a less than friendly elderly Norwegian who yelled at and shoved my husband. A crew member from the cruise stepped in and we escaped to a quieter area of the boat.
We had about 6 hours before we could board the overnight cruise to Bergen. Fortunately the kind hotel staff at the Tron Hotel near the wharf let us sit in the unused lounge until our departure time. 
Aboard the MS Trollfjord we met the first two nice Norwegians during the trip. We had an inner cabin room, but these guys had a larger suite the size of a regular hotel room with a stunning view of the water. 
Breakfast aboard the cruise.
We were the last guests to make it to breakfast, but there was still a wide selection.
Salad and cold cuts with citrus fruit, granola with yogurt.
Meatballs, hot dogs and hard boiled egg.
Cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, fried egg and smoked trout.

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