Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nama Sushi and Noodles in Bergen, Norway

Following our wedding, we left for our honeymoon in Norway. Why Norway? My husband was particularly interested in seeing the country, and we both heard the fjords were spectacular. After an uneventful flight on KLM, we arrived in Bergen. We spent a few hours walking around rainy Bergen, visited the Art Museum and finally checked into the First Hotel Marin, a modern and comfortable hotel near the Bryggen area. 
After a wee nap, we ventured out for dinner next door at Nama Sushi & Noodles. 
Bergen's the 2nd largest city, and it wasn't surprising to see Japanese, Indian and Thai restaurants.
Nigiri Sushi 
We discovered most restaurants in Norway were super pricey, and Nama was no exception.
The maki and sushi were actually pretty good.
Sashimi included uni, kujira and toro.
(Sea urchin, whale and fatty tuna)
This roll in particular was very tasty.
I think this was whale tataki, with a slight sear on the outside.
A little gamey, I heard whale was described as tasting like fishy meat.
Chicken and noodles
Weirdest fusion item, with a sweet and sour sauce plus noodles that tasted like instant ramen.
Tom Yum Noodle Soup

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