Saturday, May 26, 2012

Det Hansaetic Hotel in Bergen, Norway

We arrived back in Bergen and stayed at the Det Hansaetic Hotel. This picturesque hotel near Bryggen recently underwent a series of renovations. Each room has a different decor, and our room was incredibly large with the best bathroom. The soaking tub was large enough for my husband to fully stretch out in.
Delicious Smoked Salmon
Cold Cuts with Smoked Salmon, Pickled Herring, Shrimp, Cheese.
I loved the bread selection in Norway. 
My husband's breakfast.
Mixed cereals with yogurt
Fabulous cheese, sandwich, scrambled egg and salad is a great way to start the day.
Our Lonely Planet guidebook suggested Pingvinen was a nice neighborhood place with Norwegian specialties. We ordered a fantastic bowl of buttery popcorn, a great snack. We also ordered the salmon sandwiches which had buttery and fluffy scrambled egg alond with fresh vegetables.
Pingvinen Bar's Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Scrambled Egg. 

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