Saturday, May 26, 2012

Impromptu Lunch in Voss, Norway

We ordered the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which I thought was really a well-done tourist promotion. You can customize the travel package and sightseeing, and we picked up our travel documents at the Bergen train station. From Bergen we took a train to Voss, changed to a bus from Voss to Gundvagen. I hit my head and we had to skip the fjord cruise to Flam. Instead we took a bus back to Voss to try and continue our trip to Myrdal by train and then catch the train to Oslo.
We stopped in Voss for lunch at a nearby restaurant.
My husband chose the sandwich with scrambled egg topped with smoked salmon.
I chose the prosaic club sandwich.
This version had cubes of bacon with slices of chicken. An interesting rendition, but filling and a nice spot to hide away from the unrelenting rain.
We traveled by train to Myrdal, waited up in the train station surrounded by snow, only to find out the Myrdal train to Oslo was cancelled for the day. Back on the train, we headed back again to Voss, only to find out we'd be stuck on a bus instead to Oslo. Really wished I had picked up some snacks, since the train station was unfortunately lacking in any food stalls. Finally on a bus, we wound through the mountains down to Flam to pick up some other stranded travelers. Surprisingly, we ended up reunited with fellow passengers from the morning. I even met an older professor who knew the small town I grew up with. Small world.
Fortunately the bus driver took a break in Flam and we had time to buy something to eat.
The small shop was overrun with bus passengers, but the two employees worked hard to handle the unexpected rush.
Hamburgers and fries on the bus to Oslo. 
The next day I was more prepared.
We saw 7-11 stores all over, and they had some surprisingly decent sandwiches.

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